Wednesday, November 25, 2009


How to become a published illustrator
(Interview with Tamsin Ainslie)

I will be gathering advice from local illustrator Tamsin Ainslie on ways to become a published illustrator. Tamsin is based in Murwillumbah and is a successful working illustrator who illustrates for children books, magazines and the like. Free promotions, blogging and clever tricks on self promotion will be explored and a look over three of the most happening illustration agencies in Australia. Is it better to be represented by an agency or not? Pros and cons will be covered and hopefully a better understanding of how it all comes together will be achieved.
Thanks. Melissa

I will be presenting about package design, and t
he different package ideas to promote products. Ive chosen to talk about two skincare/cosmetic brands, Jurlique and beneFit cosmetics. Both brands are as successful as each other but have completely different packaging and promotional material to attract consumers. Jurlique take from the environment only what they need. In an effort to leave the smallest possible footprint on this planet. Jurlique's branding and packaging on the products are natural looking and eco-friendly. BeneFit Cosmetics, known for its brightly coloured, candy themed cosmetics, are beautifully imaginative and utilize a fanciful 50's style and bold typography to communicate a brands personality built around the ideas of imagination, free spiritedness and individuality.


BeneFit Cosmetics


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Post 4: Report and Presentation Summary

Since i have been interested in the web and in virtual world, my report and presentation will be on the virtual world Second Life, also know as SL to its users. In the report i will be dealing with how you use it, how a graphic designer can make money in the virtual world, graphic designers that have been successful in SL, what SL is about, also the other ways you can make money in SL.