Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Music Graphics : Case Study

I have chosen to do the case study on music graphics because music stretches such a vast spectrum. There is music that caters for all listeners and they need music graphics for advertising promotional material album covers and more . I think this case study is good it will help us become more familiar with the industrie we are working towards and help us gain the necessary knowledge needed to work within it. Album cover art can be used as a branding tool In recent years the development towards a completely digital business environment has affected the music industry in many ways One major challenge for organisations in the music industry has been falling overall sales of music, and illegal downloading has been accused of being cause for this slump. In an attempt to go beyond this simplistic assumption, studies are gradually focusing on analysing these changes as constitutes of a new business environment that requires a specially tailored strategies. Marketing has been cited as one solution in increasingly diverse and competitive music markets. This research concentrated on one part of the market ing strategy, branding. Branding in music is regarded important for economic success and yet album cover art is scarcely studied subject. Therefore, this research aimed to study the relationship between album cover art and branding theories, explored focused album cover creation and used a case study to define an example of such a cover art creation. The research also aimed to elaborate the importance of this component for success in the contemporary music industry.

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