Wednesday, July 29, 2009

case study research 1 - Robyn Rand

Andrew Kelsall provided me with a fantastically detailed case study on a branding project he worked on for St Luke's Church, he worked on the logo designs, identity, and signage. The church wanted an up to date look to show they were a contemporary church that was “on the move”, as well as the additional organisations that were affiliated with St Luke’s.
The challenge of the brief was to create a set of designs that were both individual, yet part of a branding and identity structure.
There were a large variety of initial logo designs that he presented, all working to create unity within the sets. I found it interesting to see way he attempted to represent the 'church theme' in different ways, such as the bow in the first set to tie things together, a horse to show the Church moving forward, the dove, river, and the chosen design based on the christian Fish symbol.
Repetition of the fish symbol in all the logos was important, as was the repetition of the brush-stroke theme and the overall shape. The type style used is simple and clear (helvetica neue) and the same colour throughout all the designs, it is clear and easy to read on the signs.
Colours for the designs were simple, the logos and the stationary were two colour except for the back of the main business card which had the full set of logos on it, this would keep the printing costs down.
Overall I think it was enlightening reading through the case study because every step he took he explained what he was doing and why he was doing it.

above is a logo for a university which has been updated (the old one is on the left and the new right), to me the new one signifies keeping up to date with technology and looks lively, bright and fun, everything you would want from a university.

another example of updating a logo is above, the old one is fine but dosn't say much about the company, not even the full name. The new one shows more detail in the name & description but also keeps the 'MSF', the green represents growth, the arrow points forward or up, it's a much more positive & trustworthy design.

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