Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Art of Tattoo

There are various forms of expressions of feelings; some express them by writing, some by gestures or some by actions. However, people today are expressing their thoughts and emotions in the form of body art known as Tattoo.

Tattoos are apart of almost ever culture From Egypt to Japan, England to France
The word tattoo is said to has two major derivations- from
The Polynesian word ‘ta’ which means striking something
And the Tahitian word ‘tatau’ which means ‘to mark something’.
the history of tattoo began over 5000 years ago and is as
diverse as the people who wear them.

Tattoos have become increasing popular in the last 2 decades and have become well recognised as a distinctly personal and expressive art form

The popularity of tattooing has surged in recent years, says Darren Brass, one of the tattoo artists featured in Miami Ink. "With so many entertainers and sports figures having tattoos, Jane and Joe Public are much more comfortable with having one too."

The men and women getting tattoos are now from every walk of life, adds Brass, and "if they had a good experience with their first one, chances are they're thinking about their next one."

Some of the true legends of tattoo industry include

Brandon Bond Owner of “All or Nothing Tattoo” in Atlanta

Horiyoshi III Owner of “Horiyoshi ill Tattoos” in Yokohama, Japan

Bert Grimm Owner of “Bert Grimm’s World Famous Tattoo Shop “ in Long Beach C.A

Deano and Ghiller “ The Tat Shack” Malta

According to a 2006 American Society of Dermatological Surgery survey, 24 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 50 have a tattoo. That's one in four, a whopping number compared to the 10 percent of Americans who were inked in 1936, according to Life Magazine. U.S. News & World Report said tattooing is one of the fastest growing markets, along with computers, cell phones and internet offers.

In conclusion tattoo's are no longer a just for metal bands and gangs its now regarded as a deeply expressive form of art .


  1. yer cool i was thinking about getting inked my self.

  2. Interesting topic, amazing statistics.