Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post three- Album cover design...


Frauk Stegmann is a London based illustrator, originally from Namibia, who is perhaps best known for her equisite illustrations of birds and animals. Fraukes tactile approach to graphic design is experimental and varied, extending to animation and fashion multimedia.

Stegmann is South Africas most internationally connected designer. She has done work for the likes of Peter Saville, The Campana brothers, Eley Kishimoto, Miu Miu, Peter Jenson and Wallpaper magazine. Her work has a restrained, pared-down feel wich complements her facination with craft. Stegmanns meticulously illustrated birds and animals are often beautifully foiled onto unlikely choices ofpaper. Her singnature embossed motifs, gracefully employed on the folded- card CD cover designs for a series of experimental jazz releases for the 'Treader' label in 2004, which feature gold-foiled birds and animals on heavy, cheap, coloured board which have an amazing effect, and are produced with one of only two craftmen in England, still capable of hand-engraving for print. Stegmann draws the detailed illustrations, which are then reproduced as dies.

I love the way Stegmanns work has a handmade feel and her ability to illustrate such realistic, detailed creatures. She brings together fine art and design, which i feel has an appreciation.
When cult English singer Jarvis Cocker got married, Stegmann had the previledge to produce his wedding invitation; the final design included a luxurious pink foil embossment of a black bird. Stegmann says her work emphasizes "a return to the craft of design, to tactility in print, and a movement away from the superficiality and speed".

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