Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I have been chating with Jae Copp on and off for a while now and I suppose the thing I have most been impressed with is the guys interlect and sense of humoure, he doesn’t come across as pretentiose or up him self or any sort of gimmick he seems to be the real deal so any way just a few examples of his wit and sense of humoure shine through in these latest statements .When asked “do you collect any thing” he answers “I collect dust because it’s easy” and when asked “what is next for Jae Copp ? he answers “I don’t know ,Mexico…children’s books everything! If life catches up I’ll just run faster !. I also asked him if he makes much of a living doing what he does and he answered,”not exactly….i have a one bedroom unit and an unregistered camry station wagon which now acts as a tool shed”. I was also thinking to broaden may topic I should discuss the fact that Jae copp does art work for skateboards and t-shirts and also does finer visual arts things so I thought I could maybe categorise his work some how . Let us know what you all think

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