Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Found these amazing illustrations on

This is me... because I love horses!
This is Katie... because of her beautiful golden curls.

This tatoo is for Emily... as she loves all things bird.
This one is Cloe... because Clea said it looked like her and I agree.
And these last two are Tom... because we heard your a rock star!
Will add more as I find you all!


  1. geeze thanks...Elle i think you really captured me there um...fantastic images.I think chris could be the sporty guy,lukecould be the comic guy and ect ect....

  2. buy the way end of year bash is happening is every one keen? the options are "bare foot bowls","drinking at the pub","party on the beach" ect.ect who's keen?

  3. wow...that girl does look like chloe and that red haired guy looks like me..ha ha