Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post 4 - report summery - Robyn Rand

Magazine covers

In their lives a lot of people aspire to be on the cover of a magazine, but I have always dreamed of being the one who creates that cover!
It's the thing that attracts you to the magazine initially.
It's the most important piece of advertising in the magazine.
It's a summery of the whole magazine; style, stories, design & layout.

Every millimeter of space is important on a magazine cover, the colours, the type, layout as well as qualities and quantities.
Magazine covers are like a pictorial record of events, as well as artists and current styles for that era. Each cover is indicative of the era it was designed in, the audience it was designed for, in some cases the designer who designed it and the country it was aimed at.

In my report I will be looking at some of the best & worst magazine cover designs and colours, giving my own opinions as well as that of the professionals at ASME. The trends are also important to me and I will be looking at magazine covers from the 50's through to the present as a comparison in colours as will as layout styles and the heading typography.


  1. Great images Robyn.With the number of different magazines on the shelves these days it should be a fascinating topic to research. I'll look forward to your class presentation.

  2. yes as will i..........