Wednesday, August 5, 2009

" The abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation . Nothing less"

Founded in 2002, originally as " Justice for Children International". JFCI was too similar to another organization with a different mission which was causing confusion.
The design firm, "Brains on Fire" were called in to market the cause which proved to be a very successful rebrand, winning the 20
09 Rebrand Global Awards and directing many supporters and sponsors towards this very worthy cause.
Brains on fire helps organisations build movements. So their approach to design jobs are based on decisions of ethics and cause.

*Create a powerful, memorable name that would start a conversation.
*Ignite a movement to wipe child sex slavery of the face of the planet.
*Raise capital from public and private sectors.

The name change was activated by a story so powerful and passionate that everyone on the design team reacted to it.

The story of a room full of young girls watching cartoons on television. All of them dressed in a red dress with number tags attached to them. Men peering through a glass wall, contemplating which child they would pick to abuse. A little girl who appeared to be new, as she was peering through the glass with a look of terror in her eyes, was wearing the number tag 146.

When I first saw the name i was puzzled as to what it meant which encouraged me to look further. Reading the story on how this name came about was so heart wrenching and disturbing it instantly moved me to want to do something about this. The name certainly does cause intrigue and it does force the story to be told. The organisations logo with all its dirty, grungy marks representing her name tag is very striking and a current trend in design. The identity of Love 146 is one which is dynamic in design and cleverly strung together with a story which moves people to want to help this cause.

Children are being trafficked and raped daily. Love 146 works toward the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation through prevention and aftercare.

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  1. Discusting there are some real sicos out there .....

  2. Great post on a very interesting case study. Graphic design does in some cases do more than sell soap and can make a difference in the right direction...