Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vans shoes keep there graphics funky fresh dishing up new designs almost on a daily basis it seems they are continually reinventing the wheel with there hip designs that cater to most age groups I have selected just some shoes from a vast fields of footwear as you can see the range is massive the colours vast . Some history on Vans footwear . Vans shoes was founded by Paul Van Doren with a simple idea to make shoes and sell them to the public with out a middle man. The first Vans old skool shoes had a diamond pattern in the sole across the entire bottom of the shoe. Vertical lines were then added later to make it stronger, a design which is now vans proprietary waffle sole. In 1976, skateboarders and skaters began wearing Vans shoes and asked to have different colors combined on them. In march 19, 1976, Vans came out with the first Era in red and blue vans authentic shoe. This shoe was designed by two professional skaters, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. That craze spread across the nation when Jeff Spicoli, a California surfer dude in the hit movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", wore a pair of Vans checkerboard slip ons. The Vans footwear collection now features over 60 styles ranging from classic deck shoes and slip-ons to high performance skateboard shoes, snowboard boots and sandals. They are distributed through over 190 company-owned retail stores and outlets as well as through a nationwide network of independent shoe, sporting goods and apparel stores.Vans continue to keep there designs fresh and in tune with trends.Ireally like Vans and like what they do with footwear they seem to stick clear of norms and break new ground so I solute them


  1. Interesting topic. Goes to show graphic design has extensive range of possible applications... I wasn't aware of this Vans range. Thanks Tom