Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monster children is an expansive beast , based on a culture of integrity and style , not money or fame . Where true originals are heavily praised and cash in latecomers are openly scorned. It’s the clothes ,the music ,the art, the attitude, the humour and the way of life those pioneers created and millions adopted . Because where would our generation be without people like spike jonze , Terry Richards , Gonz, Jason Lee or The Beastie Boys ? What are we ultimately looking for within the magazines pages is passion , truth ,the stripping away of bullshit and genuine uniqueness and individual qualities that lie within us all. Were romantic yet cinical , smart yet unsophisticated , stubborn yet super excitable. We’ve got a lust for life and a lazy ass . Monster children is an alternative magazine that is about trends music skate, surf , snow, movies basically any thing that’s new and exciting they are always changing and keeping there subjects fresh . I really like monster children because they are honest and funny and there subjects are interesting . Monster Childrens contributers consist of Campbell “The dumb half of monster children,responsible for the cutting and pasting within the magazine. Lucy “the glue that attempts to hold the monster children pieces together. Hollywood ,Joseph Allen and Woodward I would recommend that all of you go out and buy a copy of monster children I guarantee you won’t regret it.
Agents Of The Area
Andrew Pommier
Damien Aistrope
Evan Hecox
Eric Elms
Mark Pexna
Matt Irving
The Quiet Life
Thomas Campbell

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  1. Good post on a great topic. A very innovative and fresh magazine. I love looking at it to see what they're up to design-wise and am never disappointed, always something new.