Wednesday, August 19, 2009

P... P... P.... PACKAGING!

Almost everyone loves chocolate... but probably no-one as much as me

, milk or dark

For those of you that simply just DON'T LIKE CHOCOLATE... there is something really wrong with you and here is some great packaging to place around the house to help you look normal.

Looking more like jewelery packaging than chocolate,, an American company are attracting customers on a whole new level which seems to be the way things are going with design at the moment. (Above)

The range below have boxes you can actually reuse for trinkets and the choice of colour is brilliant. What girl wouldn't want to receive these chocolates for Valentine's Day? (Below)

Another example of a stylish solution to box up our favourite treat.

I feel this is not so sexist! (Below)

Very stylish and elegant. This design for Melt chocolate's was done by an American design student. (Above and Below)
Using a popular character on packaging to sell the product, pure genius! (Below)

Two of the largest competitors in Australia, Cadbury and Nestlé, have recently had an overhaul of their packaging. Going from foil wrap to cardboard. The idea is to cut costs, modernise their image, and hopefully encourage people to recycle more.
A lot of what you buy is recyclable but the amount of packaging is excessive and needs to be cut back dramatically. Valentines and Easter chocolates being the worst offenders with Easter eggs having over 60% of the product being the wrapper!



In conclusion I would formally like to state that I LOVE CHOCOLATE!
Who cares about the wrapper, as long as it tastes good.

Thank you for your time,

Elisha Solomon


  1. hahahaha ur a funny one i actually like the old club design better then the new one....

  2. Can i have some chocolate?.......please.

  3. G....G...G...GREAT !

  4. i don't really like chocolate that much so maybe there is sumthing wrong with me