Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chloe blog 3. Packaging

Packaging Case Study:


In keeping with its strategy of steady brand development, the Colgate group decided to capitalize on growth in shower gels and position itself on that market by finding an innovative positioning around one of its major international brands, Palmolive.

Since shower gels are very common and have such a competitive market, the group chose to launch a new range of products enriched with essential oils, knowing that this type of product had until then ad a relatively small market.

Their challenge was to inform consumers about the

benefits of aromatherapy and make these seem attractive at the same time create a visual universe and identity for the range combining the codes Palmolive uses for the mass market with a language stressing the “natural benefits” of essential oils.

Dragon Rouge came up with a creative concept for Palmolive aromatherapy powered by two key ideas: transparency and colour.

The ultra-transparent and shiny packaging features colours that evoke ideas (green for energy and purple for relaxation)

Dragon Rouge created a window sticker for the back of the packaging evoking, in a nature-oriented and highly illustrative way, the vegetal origin of the ingredients.

Pevonia is also a range of products that were revamped by dragon rouge.

Pevonia is a skincare range which its packaging had not been updated in ten years and no longer met the expectations of a growing clientele for spa care products.

Dragon Rouge suggested that Pevonia focus on purity and sophistication, hence the generous use of white and silver and to emphasize its strength.

A more sophisticated logo, clearer-cut packaging and the use of

more refined materials all reinforce the higher-end positioning

and new modernity.

I find the new improvements very affective and i feel as if they have achieved their ideas and goals for their new take on packaging.


  1. well i didnt know colgate owned palmolive you really do learn something everyday..... very good cloe

  2. you missed the 'H' in chloe haha

  3. makes me want to wash my hair with pantene pro v....