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DESIGN IDENTITY – Graphic design as a business strategy, by Marc English

Inspired by the classic fourth century Indian text of lovemaking, The Kama Sutra Company offers a full line of products to nurture affection and intimacy. Their very first product, Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love, was created to bring people together and since that time, Kama Sutra has carefully extended this idea to an array of products.

Inspired by "The Kama Sutra", the most renowned book on the art of making love, The Kama Sutra Company has created products for over thirty five years that have initiated millions of lovers into the art of Making love Better.

When we started our company over thirty years ago in the midst of the turbulent 1960's, the youth of America was challenging 'the establishment' at every level on fundamental issues of government, society and relationships. It was the decade of flower power, free love and student protest. While the inspiration for our company's name came from the 4th century Indian text on lovemaking - the Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana - our purpose was thoroughly modern. Our very first product, Kama Sutra's Oil of Love, was created to bring people together and help heal the wounds that were tearing our world apart.

The original 1960s packaging with black and white nude photos, proved a bit 2 risqué for some distributors and retail outlets. An effort to move their identity upscale resulted in a rather sterile black and red packaging.

Kama Sutra’s president a former art student recognized the value the proper aesthetic would add-if they could interest a high-end sales representatives in carrying his line, this would open new distribution avenues in department stores, specialty gift shops, and boutiques. A twenty-year struggle would be ended.

Earlier identities became dated quickly, looking too much like the time period when designed. Chase pointedly drew inspiration from classic Indo-Persian art fro the logo. The cartouche refers to the lotus blossom symbol of compassion, art, fertility, knowledge and spirituality: lettering takes on the attributes of Sanskrit letterforms.

Kama Sutra Company

Client Contact
Joe Bolstad, President

Design Firm

Margo Chase Design

Art Director
Margo Chase

Wendy Ferris Emery, Margo Chase, Anne Burdick

Jacquelyn Tough

Nina Dillon


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