Monday, August 3, 2009

BRANDING...first impressions last - Elisha


I've chosen Woolworths re-branding for my case study...

After twenty one years Woolworths wanted a new identity. A new image to roll out across their 780 outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand in all exterior and interior signage, staff outfits, stationary, packaging and all forms of marketing.

Only two companies were invited to the pitch - Hans Hulsbosch and Ken Cato.

Hulsbosch being the successful designer developed the new logo combining the three key elements of the famous strap-line.

  • 'W' for 'Woolworths'
  • The colour green and fruit for 'the fresh food'
  • A person with arms in the air - food is energy for 'people'
Safeway stores in Victoria will adopt the new logo and will be renamed to bring unity to a national brand.

The new logo is reminiscent of the famous 1970's one.
Shaped like a fresh green granny smith apple with a leaf but also as a person to represent Woolworths customer focus.

Only time will tell if the new approach will be successful.

The Hulsbosch agency also revamped the Qantas logo and the flying kangaroo.


  1. Hmmmm... yer first impressions really do matter i seee you have realy have done youre home work you go girl.

  2. Great post. Be interesting to know what the Woolworths re-branding exercise has cost...