Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brianna's 4th/major case study

I've decided to do my last case study on something that I'm interested in.

This is Packaging and focusing on perfume packaging, as I love perfume and enjoy exquisite high end perfumes from around the world.

Packaging is and area in graphic design and design I would like to see myself working in once I have finished my studies. I hope to one day get to work for a company in this field. If I do achieve this I would like 2 make packaging that is beautiful and reusable (keep sakes and nice extras u get when purchasing the product). Reason for this is I feel there is so much wastage in packaging these days and we pay so much for it why not get benefit out of what we are paying for and make it useful not just rubbish thrown out.


  1. smells great i mean sounds good ah ha i look forward to reading breeza you go....

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  3. That all sounds good, we'll talk about it in depth in class next week.